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Our IT Solution Expert Team


Mr. Ashir Munir
MD | Netstech
Usama Khalid
Manager Operation
Bushra Fatima
Project Manager


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Planning & Analysis

This is the first step in the business process, where the goals and objectives of the project are defined, and a detailed analysis of the current business process is conducted. This step involves identifying the problem

Design & Development

Design and Development: This step involves designing the solution based on the findings from the Planning and Analysis phase. The design should take into account the technical, functional and user requirements.

Testing & Deployment

This step involves testing the developed software to ensure that it meets the requirements and works as expected. This step also includes the deployment of the software to the production environment, and training the users on how to use it.

Monitoring & Maintenance

This step involves monitoring the performance of the software, and making any necessary adjustments or improvements. This step also includes maintaining the software, making sure it is up to date and secure, and addressing any issues that arise.