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The Windows Server Management tool is used to manage and configure the Server. Windows Server is a computer operating system that Microsoft produces. It is a server-based operating system that runs on a single computer (server). This means that it is installed on a single computer that then shares the resources of that computer with other computers that need to access those resources.

The Windows Server operating system was developed in 1996 by Microsoft and was officially released on August 28, 1998. It is a version of the Windows NT family of operating systems.

 The Windows Server operating system is a multi-platform operating system that supports multiple platforms, including Windows, Linux, Unix, Mac OS X, and mobile devices such as iOS and Android. It is one of the most popular operating systems used in the world.

Advantages of Windows Server Management

Windows Server is an operating system designed to help organizations and businesses manage information technology (IT). It provides services that allow you to build applications, store data, and manage network resources. Various companies use Windows Server in different ways. For example, it is used for servers, desktops, mobile devices, and the cloud. There are many advantages of Windows Server, which can be listed as follows:

Windows Server Management

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