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Our complete Retail Point of Sale Software is designed to make your business more efficient and profitable. Our cloud-based solution integrates inventory management, sales tracking, customer loyalty programs, data analysis, and more. Streamline operations with our POS software today!

Cloud POS Features

Product Management

The product management feature helps the owner to manage the products in the stores

Sales Management

The sales management feature takes the responsibility to ensure that sales happen in the right manner.

Stock Management

The stock management feature takes the responsibility to ensure the process of managing your inventory.

Supplier management

The supplier Management feature is a process of monitoring and managing your suppliers’ performance in the supply chain.

Customer Management

The customer management system saves the data and it also has the ability to track the records of the customer.

Sales-Man Management

The sales-man management feature is a method of managing a sales team. It manages all the sales-man of your company.

Accounts Management

Account management is the process of recording the financial activities of a business.

Purchase Management

IT provides a comprehensive solution that can streamline the purchase management process.

Report Management

Report Management is a process of generating reports in a predefined format or data.

Outlet Management

Outlet management is the process of making sure that you have a good inventory of your products in order to get the most money from your sales.

Expense Management

An expense management system should include the ability to categorize expenses and make payments to those categories.

Order Management

Cloud POS allows businesses to manage their orders from start to finish, from receiving the order to processing payment and shipping.

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