Cyber Security

Cybersecurity - NetsTech

Cyber Security, The main factor for everyone. Everybody wants security from theft information personal data. In a survey of Security Magazine, 93% of data can be retrieved from users. It may cause by humans or unintentionally from an unauthenticated source.

Now a day, it is more difficult to avoid from cyber crime because day by day cyber crime is going to upward. Many of the experts advised to secure your system from hackers, trojans, worms and unauthorization sources.

On the other hand, NetsTech provides the all security implemented in one package from server side and client side in software, website and mobile app. There is no need to depress from hacking or stolen data online because NetsTech purchases and implemented high level security with SSL, and much more. We backed up all our client data for security reason, in case of hacked or deleted website. We backed up daily bases and generate logs of file for improving security.

If you find any issue or problem on website or software or mobile app then call us to our help and support team and tell them freely.

Give the information You Need

Our whole system is highly secure and nobody get or stole information from us. If our client wants to know about data or any information about service then we first authenticate it and give access. For this purpose, we give a dashboard for client area and client can manage your activities and generate a ticket for us.

Web Security Protocols

NetsTech is using HTTPS protocol technology for the web security on the bases of SSL (secure socket layer) certificate. HTTPS is more secure protocol than HTTP.