E-Tag Based Parking System

Etag Based Parking System - NetsTech

e-Tag system, NetsTech provides the solutions of e-Tag based systems like as parking system, office, home, corporate sector, custom e-Tag and customer demand, each and everything which customer desire.

It has long range sensor-based recognition system that detect the object from long distance and allow to enter into authorization zone. Authorization is more highly security implemented which can restrict unauthorized from the unknown activity. Through this, community will more secure and undoubtedly.

e-Tag based system provides the safety, stability, and automation from manual system that has low range. System will identify the more quickly and rapid recognition objects in long distance. The back-end management software allows you to check the vehicle information briefly and, the access time, reports, payment records, and alerts for security.

Want to Get more compatibility

It is easier to convert your home into smart home using IoT. Home automation is becoming more popular as the smart things. Everyone can control the home things on just one click using smart device. Multiple devices connected to each other and automate things that can accessible from long distance around the world.

Feature and benefits

1. Rapid identification
Our e-Tag based system has ability to identify object more rapidly using FETC e-Tag. FETC has range 20 to 40 km/h to recognize object.
2. Uniqueness
All the code for e-Tag are unique and not to duplicate for others. It has all unique IDs based uniqueness which is risk and forgery free.
3. Good safety and anti-interference
It is secure and easy to operate with frequency. It has excellent anti-interference which supports anti-collision to read the FETC.
4. Low costs
It is easy and low cost to adopt with FETC provides the cognition of tags that is programmable.