M Ashir Munir-NetsTech

M Ashir Munir

I define the corporate strategy, Planning to boost the value we bring to clients, customers and sustain company growth for forward step.

| MD | NetsTech |

In 2017, Muhammad Ashir Munir joined NetsTech as a founder or CEO with a background in IT and Web Developement. At the time, NetsTech was a software product company developing computer based softwares that needed Ashir’s NetsTech background to manage a team of specialists working in the area of IT services and web development. With struggle of CEO, make a office for the management, Ashir become NetsTech’s Chief Executive Officer and make strategic decisions about the company’s future and progress.

One in a hundred with those daunting odds, Ashir spoke to his team fears of obsolescence. In a 2017 survey, leading executives confided that their skills were depreciating at twice the rate of only a decade earlier. Knowing that you have to stay relevant is not the same thing as knowing how. “I spend more time with startups than with any other segment of our customer base because startups are where the new, creative ideas come from. They think exponentially, as opposed to linearly.”

During his 3-year tenure at NetsTech, in his talk at BIC, he argued that the key to his success was his ability to evolve along with the market. “Out of my top 100 executives,” he said, “only one person has remained in a key functional position for more than five years, Everyone else had to be moved to different roles.”

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