Usama Khalid-NetsTech

Usama Khalid

Digital designing is just like painting except the paint never dries

| Manager Operations | NetsTech |

Started the journey at NetsTech in 2017 as a Marketing Manager. My background is IT and specialisation in graphic designing. In the era of designing, created the world into a new look.

Highly creative and multitalented Graphic Designer with extensive experience in multimedia, marketing and print design. Exceptional collaborative and interpersonal skills. Dynamic team player with well-developed written and verbal communication abilities. Highly skilled in client and vendor relations and negotiations. Talented at building and maintaining “win-win” dialogue. Passionate and inventive creator of innovative marketing strategies and campaigns. Accustomed to performing in deadline-driven environments with an emphasis on working within budget requirements.

Different types of designing work with various mediums in order to effectively meet the needs and wants of their clients. While graphic design in the advertising and marketing industries has traditionally been print-centered, it's rapidly expanding to include digital assets. Understanding how to design for both print and digital is crucial for designers looking to break into advertising so that they can confidently meet the needs and wants of any client.

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