Monthly Maintenance Contract

In this technology era Maintenance Contract for your brand or business is an vertical, where getting all new, existing service oriented industries and companies are willing to spend money, human ability and time to improve, update and upgrade their services.

Monthly Maintenance Contract

Monthly Maintenance Contract - NetsTech

Monthly Maintenance Contract, It’s always a best approach for your services to handle overall activities which are doing in software or services. Our professional team with expert expertise, you can email, or call them if you face any problem related to your services. You found a right company for MMC (monthly maintenance contract) that has highly talented expert to solve your problems.


MMC - Monthly Maintenance Contract

  • Payment based on monthly bases
  • Ticketing base feature
  • Auto MMC remainders with respect to sales entry
  • AMC remainders and Quotations, by email alerts
  • Manage MMC Accounts of Staff
  • Track MMC History by Client
  • MMC compliments history
  • MMC extra service component charges
  • Smart Dashboard to view AMC status and remainders
  • Regular Follow up and client updates
  • Payment Remainders and acknowledgements
  • Contract may very from hourly rate to monthly

Service Call Module

  • MMC Service Calls
  • Complaints Registration
  • Complaints Action and Status
  • Complaints History and Expenses
  • Complaints with respect to Customers
  • History with respect to Complaints

Reports under below points / topics

Report titles

  • Sales Reports
  • Complaint Reports
  • Invoice and Payment Reports
  • Expenses and Collection Reports
  • Scheduled Calls
  • Complaints
MMC Plans

NetsTech is providing the annually maintenance plan for monthly bases to our valuable clients according to software. If you rely on the hardware and facilities you have in place, you’ll want to make sure you get the most out of them each day.