Server Deployment & Maintenance

Server Deployment Maintenance - NetsTech

Server Deployment & Maintenance , is the main work in server side configuration. We are offering different operating system for installation on server. We are providing Linux, Ubuntu, Windows with CLI (Command Line Interface) and UI (User Interface) on the user desire. Cloud base server is more efficient than others.

If you want to choose physical location of your server then we offer the lowest latency and also give you remote access for connect to server. Our dedicated and shared server are located on Pakistan, Singapore, Chicago, Australia and USA.

Server setup cost and plans

On the bases of server CPU, storage space and RAM memory, we have different plans for our customers and clients which can select according to their suitable package. These plans are depending upon on month and yearly bases. We are offering different storage plan with extra fast speed of server. For your custom requirements, we can modify your server configuration according to your desire. Get a quote from us.

Server Storage

For storage, we are offering some additional block storage devices for load balancing and data migration on our cloud servers. For extra storage on device, you have to choose storage drive of SDD on selected zones.

Operating system

Operating system is the main variant for every server. After getting plan for hardware, you will need to select an operating system like as Linux, Ubuntu, CentOS and windows. These are the main operating systems which are used in servers.