Shared Servers

Shared Servers - NetsTech

Shared Servers , NetsTech offers shared servers. If you pick a shared server, you can rest certain that you will have complete control over all resources, resulting in optimal performance. Our teams develop, install, and manage our servers so that we can provide you with the best configurations for your projects.

You may create a stable technological foundation for your company apps by using NetsTech dedicated servers to establish infrastructure. The ability to integrate your servers with other NetsTech products, such as Hosted Private Cloud and Public Cloud, increases the scalability of your infrastructure.

Durability Shared Server

By hosting your servers with NetsTech, you benefit from innovative and unique solutions across our entire infrastructure, such as watercooling for energy efficiency, and the anti-DDoS solution developed by our experts. We constantly anticipate your future needs.

Bandwidth and traffic quota

Our shared servers are more powerful than others shared servers because we have more CPU processors and RAM to enhance performance. All these servers are located on USA and Singapore. There is minimum bandwidth of 300MBps and extra storage of 10TB monthly traffic quota. Server hosted in Europe and America are using to increase bandwidth and capacity.