VoIP Installation

Voip Installation - NetsTech

IP based exchange system, we are providing systems which is VoIP base system. If you have exchange or communicate with different departments then you are right place here. Our systems are able to switch calls between VoIP which called voice over internet protocol and local lines of telephone. In this system, we provide feature to share a certain number of external phone line into internet IP.

The working of this system is the main feature of this system is IP based servers which users can communicate to other users. It is just like a proxy server. For this reason, user can register your IP with server which stores in database. User can also use their smart phone with installation of software and also can use other devices.

IP PBX (private branch exchange)

With VoIP you can save cost with easy usage, also VoIP has some more features with IP based system. This system support caller ID, multiple ways calling, call can forward and voice mail. After that do you think to consult more with us ? then get in touch with us now.

Why VoIP based system

With the deciding of features of VoIP, it is helpful for the business that can monitor and report the capabilities. System can able to trace the usage of phone number or user address, quality of the system, and performance of the activities.