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VPS With VPS, NetsTech gives you service as your own private server with high uptime 24/7. If you have a small industry or factory, then VPS is the best option for you because it has full management control at the hosting level to manage your website. For this, our self-managed VPS option is best for you. It is with SSH access, a command-line interface, more flexible and powerful.

All Self Managed VPS Hosting

High-speed server uptime with SSDs on Open Stack for 5X multiple times up speed with bottomless storage and accomplished traffic. You can also obtain virtualization by using KVM to control your hardware resources. PS hosting provides you with an unrestricted hosting account that includes domains, cPanel, and installation.

Root Access

Keep full control and customize your server to your needs (up to the functioning system level). Keep an eye on the server's availability and performance (CPU, RAM, and storage). Stay current with alert alerts.

Backups and recovery console

All the backups and recovery option available. If you lost data or delete data from website or server then we have all backup data. All backups are generated automatically on daily bases.
Global data centers

Choose from nearby, state-of-the-art data centers in North America, EMEA or Asia-Pacific for faster page loads and a better visitor experience.

SSL is the main security factor for every website. We give free SSL and server side security for the one year with dedicated IP address.