Security Surveillance Cameras

Security Surveillance Cameras - NetsTech

NetsTech Software Solutions are providing the broad range of surveillance camera for Home, Office, corporate, and enterprise. Our aim is to provide IP based CCTV camera and analog camera at market place.

Want a service for your need

Our Team are familiar and expert in all these types of surveillance cameras. If you have one of place like as home, office, society, restaurant, corporate, organization or company and want to install surveillance cameras then you can just get in touch us or reach at our office. Our team of professionals is experts in CCTV camera installation and this is the reason we are best in the market. Our expert team will survey your workplace and get best solution for keep in mind your requirement.

Full IT Support & Services

According to your workplace requirements, we are providing full installation, configuration, support and maintenance of configuration service. Following are the services which we provide.

  • Arrangement of all kinds of DVR system
  • Demonstration of basic CCTV operation
  • Corporate CCTV complete installation
  • Site assessment by professionals for perfect camera placement
  • Routing of cables from the main power switch to camera and back to the DVR
  • Where convenient–one device will be arranged for remote CCTV observation.